“What file format do you need for artwork?”

We use vector format files, which are created in Illustrator, Corel Draw or Inkscape. Please send your file as an .ai, .eps or .pdf. If your artwork is not vectorized, email us and we can help you out. Do NOT copy images off the internet. These images are small or of poor quality, and may be registered or trademarked.

“Can you help out with designing artwork?”


“Do you have a minimum requirement for custom shirt orders?”

No, we do not. If you need just one shirt, that is fine with us.

“Can I bring you shirts to print on?”

No. We do not print on personal property. Mistakes do happen, and we don’t want to ruin one of your shirts.

“Is there an extra charge for multi-colored shirts?”

No, there are no extra fees.

“Do you print postcards and business cards?”

Yes, we do!

“Where did you come up with Wombat Graphics?”

We like wombats. That’s all.